Our Vision

Dr. med. Gerhild Kaukal

...was to create a facility where conventional medical and therapeutic services, as well as alternative health-care treatments, are offered together for the benefit and well-being of the individual patient. This kind of professional cross-pollination and interactive approach has the makings of a successful formula in the practice of preventive medicine and healing.

The medical staff and therapists of Villa Sana are highly-dedicated professionals entrusted with the task of engendering in their patients a sense of health and well-being in body, mind and spirit.

As in the past, this historic villa will continue to serve the general public. Following an overall renovation in 2010, the building interior has been redesigned to accommodate the needs of future guests. Tastefully furnished and fully equipped medical offices and therapeutic facilities have been made available for doctors and therapists in accordance with space and time requirements.

Physical, mental and spiritual awareness is linked to a continuous process of learning and personal enhancement. To that end, Villa Sana offers basic and advanced training programs in a private atmosphere and quiet setting. Exhibitions and other cultural events complement the overall concept of promoting health, joie-de-vivre and well-being.

Dr. med. Gerhild Kaukal